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Plant This Easy to Grow Superfood Spice in your Garden or Containers! Our fresh Turmeric was grown by us in North Florida. Cared for and harvested for the highest quality!


You will recieve 1 healthy turmeric plant. Pots will not be included to keep the packaging convenient.


Chemical FREE

Pesticide FREE


Perservatives FREE

Additive FREE 


Grow your own Turmeric outdoors in warm locations or indoors as a houseplant. Growing your own turmeric is an easy way to get high-quality, organic turmeric with all the health benefits and without the cost.


Indoor Growing:

Keep the plant near a window where it can get enough sunlight.

Avoid keeping directly under heater vents.


Shipping Live Plants:

Shipping delays are not in our control, but we will do our best to ship your order safely and quickly. Please take care of delivery and do not leave the package unattended for long. Keep the plants in a shaded area for a week with proper care. 


Care for Plants Upon Delivery:

A few leaves may die during shipping. Don’t worry, it’s normal!  It's still healthy and will grow new leaves. Trim old growth and repot into a larger pot to encourage new growth. Choose a container at least 12 inches (30 centimeters) wide and deep or larger if you’ll be keeping it inside. A smaller pot is fine if you’ll be transplanting it outside.


Grows in Climate Zones:

8-11 (in ground), 5-11 (in containers)


Edible Qualities: 

Root/rhizome are edible and consumed medicinally and in teas. Leaves are edible and used to wrap meats, fish and vegetables while baking.


Mature Growth: 

Leaves will get up to 3’-4’ high depending on root mass


Light Requirements: 

Part Shade or Full Sun (Afternoon shade can provide relief during the hottest months.


Drought Tolerance/Watering: 

Handles drought and flooding, water needs based on location. More sun, more moisture needed. Water only when the soil is dry (Usually once in 5 days or 7 days)


Cold Tolerance: 

To save plants during the winter!

Rhizomes can be dug up and stored in a cool dark place. If you want to continue to grow your turmeric the following year, do not harvest the entire plant, instead, break or cut off a portion of the plant for use. Leave one or two stems so that the plant can regrow the following year. Mulch with loose bedding for additional cold protection. 


Harvesting Instructions:

Rhizomes will continue to expand until the temperatures drop into the low 50s. It is time to harvest when the leaves turn yellow/brown. After that, they will hold in the soil until they are killed by frost. Plants grown in pots can be moved indoors before the first frost. Wash plants by hosing off soil outdoors.


Live Turmeric Plants!

  • Shipping and Delivery 

    This is a pre-order item that will be shipped starting June 17th.

    Your package will arrive within 5-7 business days depending on your location. 

    If the date changes, we’ll alert you by email. 



    You can cancel a pre-order at any time prior to when your order is available to ship.


  • 1. Make a tea!

    2. Add Fresh Turmeric to beans, rice and other grain dishes!

    3. Plant Roots to Grow your very own turmeric!

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