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Egyptian Spinach, Molokhia Spinach 


1 packet


Summer, heat-loving green. Produces edible flowers and leaves.  Thrives in the summer, is drought tolerant and produces many seeds at the end of its lifecycle. 


These greens have an unique delicious flavor! We prefer to cook them steamed/ sauteed like spinach with onions and garlic which makes them super delicious! These greens are most widely eaten around the world.


Greens can be eaten at any stage, for cut and come again harvesting, pull a few leaves at a time from the outside of your plants and allow the main plants to continue to grow. 

Once the plants are established, they will abundantly grow foliage which can be harvested every week.


Direct sow seeds in ground or in containers (at least 1 gallon)  in late spring/early summer after the last frost in a warm, sunny location. Can be sown by broadcasting and thinned to 1-2ft apart during growth.  Start seeds inside 6 weeks before last frost date (or 8 weeks before expected transplanting date). Transplant when it has 6-7 true leaves.

Egyptian Spinach, Molokhia Spinach

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